About Us

Department of Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

As of January 1, 2020, the Department of Sustainable Management of Natural Resources (SMNR) has been established at the Faculty of Technology of the Anton de Kom University of Suriname and currently only organizes one Master of Science programme, i.e. the MSc programme in SMNR.


Our vision

Contribute to the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources (SMNR) in Suriname through multidisciplinary, high-quality scientific education, research and partnerships, for the benefit of current and future generations in Suriname.

Our mission

To train experts with a high level of knowledge and understanding in the field of SMNR in order to promote sustainable economic and social development of Suriname and also serve the region and internationally.

Core values

The core values of the Department are defined as follows:
Quality: transparent management, regular evaluation, high-quality education, research and facilities for technological innovation and development, excellence and leadership.

Change: strong preference for policy-oriented, international research that contributes now and in the future to broader social relevance and to actual (policy) change, dissemination and application of our knowledge.

Environment: strong involvement in local and regional environment-related developments, with a strong focus on the fight against climate change and the sustainable management of natural resources.

Collaboration and Partnerships: We work with national and international institutions/partners to identify and achieve common goals, and while benefiting society, we are committed, reliable and professional.