Energy related research


PhD research: Renewable energy potential of Suriname under potentially changing climatic conditions
Objective: to quantify/determine the potential impact of climate change on the renewable energy potential of Suriname, with a special focus on Hydro and Wind power. Hydro power, as it is now, will be a very important one for a long time to come form the basis for Suriname, in connection with the sustainability of the energy sector in Suriname and further development in the future. Wind energy seems to play an important complementary role in this fulfill, especially in the long term, under potentially changing climate conditions. Because renewable energy sources/ renewable energy potentially strongly climate dependent, is it It is important to conduct in-depth research into the potential impact of climate change on long term, thus laying the foundation for sustainable policy making and decision-making in future perspective, with maximization of renewable energy in the energy matrix of Suriname.
Project coordinator : P. Donk, MSc with Prof. P. Willems
Time frame : Oct 2019 - Oct 2023

PhD research: Integration of renewable energy sources and distributed generation
Project coordinator: A. kalpoe, MSc and Prof. Johan Driesen (KU Leuven)
Time frame: 2009-2022
Funding : VLIR, SCF-SMNR

Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Expansion project
Objective: To implement a Climate Risk & Vulnerability Assessment (CR&VA) study for the “Project” with a specific objective which is to produce a detailed Climate Risk & Vulnerability Assessment Study.
Project coordinator: Dr. R. Nurmohamed
Partners: KU Leuven, Prof. dr. P. Willems and others
Time frame: 2019
Funding : EBS and others

Feasibility study: Wind energy possibilities for electricity generation in Suriname
Objective: to collect wind speed data in a scientific correct way for developing wind energy in Suriname. This means that we are focusing at the introduction of methods of data collection of wind speed in Suriname at two different heights (20 and 30 m). The specific goals are:

  • identify potential sites in Suriname in this case Galibi at the north-east side of Suriname, with existing possibilities to utilize wind energy for electricity generation.
  • determine the roughness factor and wind class for that area in Suriname.

Project coordinator : C. Wijngaarde MSc and A. Kalpoe MSc.
Time frame : 2009-2010