Specialisation: Water resources management

Water is one of the fundamental resources for life on Earth. Internal (such as population growth) and external factors (such as climate change) are increasing the pressure on fresh water in the world. Changes in the climate such as shorter precipitation periods can lead to longer droughts and therefore less (fresh) water; heavier precipitation can cause flooding. Water quality can also be affected by, for example, rising sea levels and flooding. In this theme, students will delve into modeling the climate and hydrology of areas (rivers, aquifers, reservoirs), calculating soil and surface water resources through measurements and formulas, measuring and modeling water quality (such as in rivers , swamps), determining the socio-economic impact of droughts and floods on food security, energy security, but also on the country's economy.




Year 2

Surface hydrology and modeling 5
Hydrogeology and modeling 5
Water quality assessment and modeling 5

Year 3

Research project: water resources modeling