Student services


Bureau Studentenzaken (StuZa)

The Student Affairs Office (StuZa) is concerned with general student activities at the University such as: registrations, ombudspersons, mediation in scholarship matters (Surinamese and study abroad scholarships), student loans, sporting affairs, life insurance, student-assistant application, etc.

This office is located in the BAK building and can be reached by telephone on the number 465558 ext. 2212, 2213 or 2214 and email: Opening hours are Monday to Friday: 7.30am - 2.30pm.

Student Dean

A Student Dean has been appointed at faculty level, who students can contact for advice and support. Students can also go through the RC for referrals to the Student Dean. The Student Dean also provides central training courses on effective studying. Contact the Student Dean, Drs. Denise Sumter at Building 17 - Room 52 | Phone number: 465558 ext. 2314 /WhatsApp: 8988701 |  Online: via MOODLE: | make an appointment online via

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Telephone: 8524788/8962090
Open: Monday- Friday, 9:00am- 7:00pm